Furnished accommodation complex


“Amanitis” is a complex of stone-made houses offering a view of the village the extends across the opposite hillside. Eight separate fully furnished apartments with private porch each with its own particular character, combating luxury with tradition, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and of course includes all the necessary elements to make your stay particularly comfortable and enjoyable.

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Welcome to Amanitis

The accommodation complex consists of three buildings that house our rooms. We are located in the heart of the area of Zagori, Ioannina, offering accommodation (and much more) in newly built cottages which are decorated in the classical traditional style of the stone houses of the area.

The Rooms

The residential complex of furnished Rooms Amanitis consists of eight different rooms, each decorated in a different style that refers to traditional design and very warm atmosphere without missing the essential elements that make the stay very comfortable and enjoyable.

Outdoor activities

At Zagori, except from the relaxation offered by the alluring landscape, there are too many places to visit, following natural historical paths, which is an integral part of society, economy and culture.



In the Prefecture of Ioannina there are clubs that are active in air sports and specifically on paragliding. If you visit us you can choose one of our mountains' peaks to "take off" provided that you are experienced and have skills of the sport or follow the professionals for an aerial ride over Central Zagori.


Mountain climbing / mountain

The fact that Kipoi and Amanitis are in the heart of Zagorochoria makes it very easy to escape for a walk or even for climbing. Ideal escape from the rhythms of the city, having your stay next to nature.


Kayaking / rafting

Within a short distance of Kipoi there are countless locations for those who like canoe or rafting. You can take care of yourself or we can suggest you professionals who organize such activities.


Mountain biking

Even for cycling enthusiasts, Kipoi and Zagorochoria as a whole are an ideal place as they combine small streets through villages with streets in mountains, lakes and rivers. You can learn from us the most beautiful places to do your hobby.

Guest Reviews

Efcharisto, Thank you very much for the unforgettable holidays we spent with you in this hidden-in-the-mountains part of Greece that really worths exploring it. Kids really enjoyed horse riding and as for Veronique and myself, we already miss your liqueur and the traditional meal "spanacopita". See you soon! (who knows, maybe during summer this time).

Ta panta htane wraia!!! Sas eyxaristoume gia ola .. ena katapliktiko xwrio..epishs kai ola ta xwria konta se auto .. to hotel einai fantastiko exei oles tis aneseis pou theleis .. tha ksana erthoume suntoma ... katapliktikh anastasia ... best se ola ... eyxaristoume mesa apo thn kardia mas ... Themis Dhmhtra Panos ....

ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΑ!!! Ήταν η τρίτη επίσκεψή μας, τέλεια όπως πάντα! Το συνιστούμε ανεπιφύλακτα!!!!!

ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΑ!!! Ήταν η τρίτη επίσκεψή μας, τέλεια όπως πάντα! Το συνιστούμε ανεπιφύλακτα!!!!! Θα τα ξαναπούμε σύντομα!

*ΑΠΛΑ ΤΕΛΕΙΑ* περασαμε το μηνα του μελιτος αξεχαστα!!!

christmas holidays just perfect!!!

Discover Zagorochoria

The beautiful and famous Zagorochoria are a complex of 46 villages scattered on the mountains northeast of the city of Ioannina.

The word Zagori has its roots in the Slavic language as many locations around Epirus as well. The word Zagori actually means "Beyond the Mountains". The Zagorochoria are famous for their incredible natural beauty, their unique architecture and for their long history. And of course the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

The uniqueness of every village separately and the limitless possibilities of every type of outdoor activities capture and impress the visitor. There are so many things that a visitor can see which is hard to tell what will impress him more.

The area that Zagorochoria cover is of 1000 square km and is divided in 3 geographical parts. The Western, the Eastern, and the Central Zagori. Every part has its own unique beauty and history.

How to get here

If you decide to visit Kipi and Zagorochoria, you have to know that you can get from the various routes by road or by plane.